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Saab Cars - Saab Prices

Swedish automobile brand Saab was at the height of its popularity in the 1990's when the flagship model Saab 9-5 was first introduced. This particular model remains a mainstay for the brand and is one of only two base models in the most recent Saab lineup. The 9-5 remains as Saab's best-selling model to date. Financial instability forced owner General Motors to drop the brand in 2008 causing them to downsize considerably which could explain why there has been no alteration from the 2012 line. At present production is limited to the 9-3 and 9-5 models, but this could be a wise move as other brands have seen the benefit of focusing their attentions on just a few key models in order to create a solid base for themselves. The latest models are widely regarded as the best Saabs in recent memory and the brand continues to have something of a cult following.

One of the two basic models in the latest Saab lineup is the 2012 Saab 9-3. This is a FWD luxury vehicle which is available in three trim levels: sedan, wagon and convertible. All of the trim levels feature a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine which provides over 200 hp and 221 ft-lbs of torque. There are a number of transmission options including a six speed manual, five speed automatic and six speed automatic.

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One of the unique selling points of the 9-3 range is Saab's cross wheel drive (XWD) system. This is permanent AWD which can preempt the require torque distribution on a continuous basis even before any wheel slip occurs. XWD is available on both the Sedan and Wagon trim. Depending on the chosen engine and transmission combination, the 9-3 can achieve around 17 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway.

The 9-3 is certainly not short on features, with 18 inch alloy wheels, a carbon fiber trim, leather accent sport style front seats, on board navigation, power assisted moonroof, Xenon headlights and a 6 disc CD changer as standard. In terms of safety features, the 9-3 has traction control, ABS with electronic braking force distribution, an electronic stability program and fully adaptive front and passenger airbags. The vehicle is also backed by a 4 year or 50,000 mile limited warranty.

The other model in the lineup is the 2012 Saab 9-5, a five-seater sedan available in a selection of trims including Turbo4, Aero and Aero Wagon. The Turbo4 and Turbo4 Premium trim levels are fitted with a 2.0 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine while the Aero trims boast a 2.8 Turbocharged V6 engine. The basic Turbo4 trim levels are FWD and are supplied with a 6 speed automatic transmission as standard. However, the upgrade Aero trims feature Saab's unique XWD just like the 9-3 model and have a 6 speed automatic transmission which features an additional manual shift model.

Optional features available on the 9-5 include rear LED lights, xenon headlamps, 19 inch alloy wheels, tri-zone climate control, rear passenger entertainment package, lane departure warning and advanced parking assistance. The safety package features the same elements as the 9-3 model and the same warranty applies to both models.

Discontinued Models: Saab 9000, 900 New Generation, 9-3 First Generation, 9-2X, 9-7X, 9-5 First Generation, 9-3 Sport Sedan, 9-3 SportCombi, 9-4X


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